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Solo Canoeing with Kolibri (Hummingbird) open canoe
€390.00 / 2 h


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With Kolibri solo open canoes you get a good idea how to be close to nature!

See and hear birds as well as with some luck you could see a deer or fox beside the coastline. Or imagine if you just make a "humming paddle" to a silent lake with your friends! Think about it! =D 

Guidance, Coaching and technical advises you get from our canoeing guide / open canoe level 3. With this guidance you really get more out of canoeing, find the idea of enjoying the water element in Finland. This can be done in several ways. Basic event consist of getting familiar with canoes, learning how to use paddle and control the canoe. Practise happens near by shore and we make a slight paddling tour following suitable directions. With more advanced paddlers it is possible to make different kind of routes or canoe trips with longer duration. In these cases contact Eppu (+358405035350) every time in order to ensure availability. 

Solo canoeing is an old way to move on waters, now a days we have found it again. These Kolibri canoes have many qualities for several purposes but one important thing is that these canoes suits well also to beginners. They are light and easy handle canoes. Therefor we can implement canoeing with Kolibri canoes so many places. If you do not have time or possibility to come Hotel Nuuksio and Siikajärvi area, ask the possibilities us to come near by you and your nearest lake or water area. 

Are you looking for something special with your friends?

Well, this could be the answer. Lets combine this canoeing with Sanni Orasmaa Soundbynature "Humming Birds and Whispering Trees" together! Read more and ask how you can proceed with this event!

We take just small groups, 1-4 max 5 person. This way we can talk about like "personal training in canoeing" . Order canoeing for your family or group of friends and try! 

Suitable duration for testing is 1-1,5 hours and we recommend at least 15 years age, parents have to come with. You do not need any previous paddling experience but proper swimming skill is needed. 

Is this your new hobby? Contact us and ask more!

A truly unique nature experience - Combine this canoeing with workshop- Humming Birds & Whispering Trees -experience!

Our trusted partner  - The Soundbynature Sanni Orasmaa -  will join us with her great skill of vocal practise in a joyfull way. Spend a memorable day or an afternoon with sounds and sights, enjoying the beautiful waters of the coastal Finland. We will bring the equipment and our service to your custom location - be it your cabin, hotel or the Helsinki sea shore - or let us suggest the most perfect location for you group. Learn more at Sanni´s website 

Watch the video of this combined experience! https://player.vimeo.com/video/285995806