Responsibility and sustainable travel

Smiling Redfox nature- and outdoor activities.

Principle of sustainable travel

Hymyileva Punakettu (Smiling Redfox) has been operating in the field of nature tourism since 1997 and from the beginning has been committed to interaction, activities and education in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism of Metsähallitus. In our activities, we try to take into account local nature values ​​and cultural issues when planning events in the area so that our activities are not harmful to these values.

Business operations & responsibility:

Continuation and development of activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism. Educating about responsibility in connection with guided tours by talking about local nature camping and its possibilities.

Glasgow climate declaration

We have signed the Glasgow Climate Declaration. 

Read more: Business Finland tiedote 1.6.2022 / VisitFinland

Good Travel Seal -sertification 2023.

We took part on GTS coaching in 2022 and on January 2023 after audition the committee of GTS award us with the certification of Good Travel Seal.

Read more about the criteria :

Visit Finland Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label was grated to us 2/2023

Read more about STF label:

Practical actions

Tourism destinations (Cities Espoo and Vantaa) participating in workshops

Participation in Metsähallitus nature services workshops.

Participating in Uusimaa recreation area association's (UUVI) peers

Carbon footprint trainings and introduction of the calculator in applicable parts.

(Carbon Wise/ Macon Oy 2021 ja Carbon Neutral Experience / Novago Oy 2022)

Visibility and information

I use my social media channels to inform about related events/events. I will mainly develop Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn's role in informing is going to be more than before. The website will continue to be on my Johku-platform where I will add the responsibility page.

This blog page ( will be a compilation page where I will collect stories about how responsibility is reflected in our operations. I put the links to the stories at the end of this page, the links are directed either to the writing of this blog, FB or IG or LinkedIn posts.

For the nature and smart action in the nature, 

best regards, Eppu / RedFox

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